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This is STRAIGHT JEAN TROUSERS inspired by vintage denim jeans, designed with the concept of "denim pants that can be worn as a pair of trousers".

Using carefully woven, made-in-Japan selvage denim that is made with weft thread from "ochimen" salvaged cotton, these come to fit softly like a glove over time as you wear them.


These are mid-rise. The design that allows for standard styling with various tops. Highly recommended for all denim lovers.




WOMEN'S MODEL: 27inch (H:174cm)

MEN'S MODEL : 31inch (H:183cm)



Color: BLACK

Fit: Straight leg, Mid rise, Just inseam
Fabric: KAIHARA Japanese sustainable (Recycle) black selvedge denim 100% Cotton, Made in Japan, Eco-wash (100% water recycle system)

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