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The JEAN TROUSERS in AMAMI ROSE is our most classic jean with a traditional twist. This limited edition denim is mud-dyed by Japanese dye masters in Amami Oshima (read about the process below). With a balanced wide leg and slightly high rise, the jean trousers silhouette is inspired by nostalgic memories.



The Traditional Process of Muddye : 

Amami Oshima, a small island bountiful in nature located south of Japan, is home to a traditional and ancient mud dying process known as ‘Dorozome' (Muddye), which has been passed down among generations for the past 1300 years. TANAKA has been in collaboration with a traditional dyehouse in Amami known as KANAI KOUGEI, whose experts have carefully hand dyed garments for us, one at a time.


The secret to Amami Oshima’s mud dye process is hidden in the soil—containing high contents of iron, yeddow hawthorn, and tannins from the local vegetation. These natural materials produce a chemical reaction that result in a unique and unexpected dye color and texture. Additionally, a curious after effect is the ever-changing nature of the dyed garment, whose color and texture continue to evolve with wear and washing. 


additional info : 

We are now in the 4th season of collaborating with KANAI KOUGEI dye house, with the intention of supporting traditional crafts of Japan, as well as sharing ancient methods with the world to contribute to sustainable fashion production. Please keep in mind that there will be slight variations in color due to garments being hand dyed one at a time. The dye process is concluded with each garment being rinsed one by one in the clear streams of Amami.


  • KAIHARA manufactured Premium Japanese selvedge denim
  • 100% Cotton
  • Fabric Feel: semi-soft
  • Silver Button
  • Button Fly
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